July 2022

Updated site!

I put more things on here! Which, depending on the quality of said things, is either a gift or a curse. It’s been languishing for a few years, so, I decided I should have more stuff.


  • Moved over from Dreamhost to Digital Ocean and switched to a theme made in the last decade. Somehow Dreamhost was taking 8+ seconds to respond, so, this is a lot better.
  • An “Art” section, where you can get things like a Font of my handwriting. Exciting!
  • A “Tools” section (Note: I have many more that I plan on adding here)
  • A “Libraries” section (Same note as the tools section)
  • Some Shaders I did for DragonVale back in ye old days
  • Various links to horrible game jam games I’m extremely embarrassed by oh god just kill me

Hopefully soon I’ll have more to share on the game I’m working on, along with some more tools and libraries.