Digital Art

These were all made with Procreate on an iPad with an apple pencil.

Light Creature

Light pens are fun!

Alien Planet

I really like blue.

Abraham Lincoln Riding a Bear (2019)

I don’t really know what this means, I just felt the need to make it.

Bigfoot Does Not Like Having His Picture Taken (2019)

The real question: where does he do his shoe shopping?

Just a Birb (2019)


World’s Greatest Artist? (2018)

I mean, he certainly thinks so.

Chalk Bird!

I tell you what, B. Eagle is not intimidated by this hack.

RIP Grumpy Cat

Still grumpy in heaven.

Jazz Horse

I drew this in honor of this, which always makes me laugh.


Personally I don’t get what the big deal is.

Green Man

Probably murders people with vines?


Who knows where that watch has been

Thinking Woman

I tried more of a cartoon style here, rather than my signature “painted by a third grader” look