The Most Patriotic Eagle

You will never love anything as much as this eagle loves America, and trucks.

Hiphopopotomus vs. The Rhymenocerous

Their lyrics are bottomless.

I Have No Idea

I might have been drunk?

Sky Sloth

Very peaceful. Please do not interrupt peacefulness.

The Greatest Weapon

The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home

This probably makes more sense if you listen to Nightvale.


At work, we used to have an Apple-TV called cRooms (for like, conference rooms). I always read it as Crooms, the ghost butler, though.

A Landscape

This is like a reddit-famous photo, source of which I’ve long since forgotten, but I painted it!

Painting of Swift

This was my pet cockatiel growing up, Swift. My hands also look exactly like that. Very square.

A Model

I am not good at drawing teeth, apparently.